Sixty Day Superhero – Day Fifty

I love music. And music plays a huge part in the lives of the people closest to me. Some are in bands. Some sing. Hell, my best friend Charmaine says that her life is a musical. Music has been with us since humans were first humans. With some many people jacked into music with headphones in their ears, today, i push you to find your groove.

I have a playlist on Spotify called “Upbeat Tunes”. Most of the time, I just build a station about it and listen to it as i do everything. It’s a lot of emo punk music like Fall Out Boy, The Maine, and Bowling for Soup. There’s something about all this music that just makes me so happy. I keep listening to it every day, and it keeps me moving with a lightness to my step.

I remember listening to Madonna as I was walking through New York not too long ago. I was in lower Manhattan and “Like a Virgin” was exactly how i was feeling. The city always makes me feel a little bit young. It’s the thing that I always wanted to have an experience and here it was laid out before me. The city and the music linked together to feel so intrinsically energized. It was amazing and something I obviously won’t forget.

It’s kind of funny that my look has taken on a kind of emo punk look. A lot of that has to do with the restaurant industry and my need to wear black, but I also have the wrist bands and the tattoo sleeve. It gives me that kind of would edgy look when in fact I’m far from being any sort of edgy. I work in a restaurant and enjoy the aesthetic of tattoos. It does work in conjunction with my musical stylings but thats the only real link.

When i was little, i listened to a lot more country music with little to no care. It was what my parents listened to, so it was what I listened to. My babysitter was the one who started getting me into rock music, and I personally got on the emo train when I started to watch One Tree Hill. I loved the Ataris, Sugarcult, and Dashboard Confessional. At the end of my first year in New York, I actually got to see them live for that album that I had fallen so in love with. That gave me another great experience to cherish. It’s funny how musical tastes change and evolve, but music still has a way of pulling you back emotionally to where you once were.

A week ago, my friend played me some music on the piano not too long ago, and I was brought back to moments in my life when those songs had really hit me. I thought about the sadness the first time I heard Dancing on My Own. And then dancing down the street in Bayonne with my friend to Whitney Houston. It’s amazing how music can pull those memories and past emotions to the forefront.

Music makes me smile. I like happy songs and songs about people taking control. There is even a goodness about the songs of loss. It taps into the soul or feels to at times, and that taps into the emotions of every person who listens to the song, the songwriter, and every person who will listen to it. It’s linking everyone together, and the idea links us far back into the past and into the future. It’s a wonderful thought that music transcends everything as much as the spirit, and it makes sense it can touch us so thoroughly.

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