100 Days Healthier Me – Day 100

100 Days doesn’t seem like anything. It’s just a string of events happening from one day to the next. Sometimes, the events seem so inconsequential like getting coffee or having a drink after work. But those are when the big moments happen. You meet someone knew and your life rockets forward.

Movies like the butterfly effect show us these horrid examples of what happens if we make differing decisions, our whole world changes. This is true, and learning to be cognizant of the life you want to lead and the person you want to be can help you accept even more the boldest and most unsettling possibilities.

When my best friend, the creator of this challenge, finished this. I asked her specifically if she felt different after it. If this 100 days made a difference. I can answer my own question at this point and say matter of factly that these 100 Days have made a difference in my life. I don’t know if it’s the actual challenge or just the way my life is going. As my friend says, why not both?

I have grown stronger both mentally and physically. I have begun what will soon be a business. I have the greatest friends in the world, and a job that keeps me living the life that I want to live.

I feel like the world of possibilities has opened up before me because of these things. I feel a bit like a superhero who just found out that he had powers. I now have the right foundation to do whatever i need out there in the world. I just need to keep focusing on building the best me I can on a daily basis. And my life will continue to change and grow.

I should subhead all of this: even things like these challenges are hard. I was in a bad place when I took this up. I was drinking too much, super out of sync with myself. I threw myself into writing this blog, and writing my book. I missed a couple days and put them up late, but in the end I completed it to move forward and grow.

I think this was the perfect time for me to do this. If I would have started originally when Charmaine did. I don’t think it would have had the kind of effect that it did here. I was drinking too much. I was getting myself hurt. And honestly, was hurting myself with the financial burdens or drinking. In the end, it was because of some simple words and the focus on my health that pulled me from that disaster zone into the future.

To all those who want to try this: Do it. I’ll be here supporting you in spirit, or if you’re one of my close friends reading it, I’ll help you out with optimistic words and smiles. It’s a good day to get started.

And every day can be someone’s first. And taking that first step to better yourself is how you get on the path. Thanks guys. Merry Thursday.

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