Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Fifty-Two

Our lives take us over sometimes. We find ourselves going in a thousand different directions and needing to do a hundred tasks. It’s hard at these times to take a second to just take in everything around you and really settle your soul.

I have found myself very present lately which gives me a very positive outlook about things. Even if a crappy day at work, or a Giant nor’easter, I have kept myself going with this attitude and just letting myself be in the moment. This is great!

I am hanging with friends and setting my phone aside. I am letting my work stresses go when I’m not at work. It allows me to really connect with everything that’s happening. Of course, I also need to keep focused on my goals which has become a bit problematic.

I have treated a lot of these last two weeks as “pre-vacation” times. Like just hanging out with friends or hardly touching my manuscript. I have gotten quite a bit of bills paid off and won’t have the greatest time financially, but I can make everything work. I am going to have a good time. I am looking at all this as the calm before the storm. From New Orleans on out, every focus needs to be my words.

So, in essence, this is my breather. I am not beating myself up as much as I would in the past. I know how important New Orleans is with Joel and I. It’s his birthday after all. But I know the experience will create so many new ideas for some of my stories. I am already adding to my list of things and creating them one at a time. It’s a wonderful experience, especially knowing that you’re not stressed doing it.

These moments of breathers need to be use to get yourself ready for the rush of the world. If you find yourself lazing in the breathers, you should remember to also focus. They need to work in conjunction to move you forward and not just lock you in place. This is the second important to taking breathers, making your way after it.

Moments of rest should energize you to move forward with your goals and aspirations. These calming breathers are great to center yourself, but be careful of just losing yourself completely for peace. It’s hard to explain this, and in moments like this the proper way escapes me.

You can be both present and at peace, and give your the time to you need. It’s about letting go of the things instead of holding on to them. It leads to a lot more momentary thinking, but creates a peace around you. This taking time to breathe for me is resting for the storm, and preparing myself mentally for the mental hardships that could tear me away for being the hopeful optimistic I strive to be.

Maybe today is another ramble day. Perhaps, I’m just putting words to my lack of writing I’ve finished. Nonetheless, things are about to get real, and the rest will be worth it.

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