Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Fifty-Four

I’m feeling great about today. I told myself I was going to make it chill and so far it has been exactly that. I want to touch back and some of my previous ideas today, mostly because I think it has merit for my set-up for a chill day today. You should plan for some set-backs.

I am not saying set yourself up to set-backs, and I’m saying to expect to set-backs. Even when things are going perfectly, someone will throw a cog in the gears of the great machine and screw a few things up. In my case, i have a major trip coming up and a severe case of the ready-for-a-holiday.

In these instances, you need to take a step back and see what you can do. It’s not always easy considering some things seem so huge. You break it down into parts and go for what you can. I can write this blog. I can go to the gym. I can shave and get coffee. I can read. All these things will keep me in the right mindset for success while giving me the room to catch my breathe. I’m moving forward still, which in terms of goals is always where we need to be headed.

None of this is easy. You have to find ways to deal with it in your own way, but being aware of it beats half the battle backwards. If you prepare and are ready, you’ll have the tools you need to push back. This may be finding a proper way to organize things, or having a friend help you out. Maybe it’s just taking a day to yourself outside the office. You have to find your own way to push on. And i can tell you from experience, it’s not easy.

I personally worry about me losing my way. I have a novel finished in a rough format. I have a blog started, also in a rough format. I have lists of potential projects that will make my company great, but the easiest option is to just leave it here and find something new. I can’t do that, and I won’t let myself do that.

I constantly talk about these stories. I keep getting more and more ideas for other stories that will make this universe vibrant. I can’t do them all today and if I toss this all in the wastebasket, I’ll never be able too. So, I take these moments to reflect and get my bearings on straight. I’m getting myself situated for a big comeback in the creative department with rewrites, new stories, and a website coming soon.

It takes a lot to figure out how to deal with everything at times, but breaking it down and just doing something is better than nothing at all. Soon, you’ll be moving forward faster than a speeding bullet. Set-backs are all part of superheroics. Without them, there would be no trouble, and our superhero-selves would never shine as bright as we can.

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