Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Fifty-Five

I speak a lot about preparedness for every situation you find yourself in. And that’s great. It’s not so great, however if you do not actually do the things. This is one of the things that I have continued to realize as I’ve moved on for the last few days of the sixty-day superhero. I have not actually been keeping up with just about anything.

My goals for this have been to get myself financially stable, get my company/novel off the ground, and finish it all off with health and wellness. I woke up this morning and checked my bank account. For the credit card that I had paid off, I now roughly owe 350 dollars. My novel has not been touched in the last couple days. And finally, when I checked my scale, I was down to 155. That would be great for some people, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had hardly eaten anything yesterday.

I have been preparing for a lot of things, but not doing everything as much as I should be. Today, I got up and opted to not go to the gym. (I did go yesterday). I packed up my bags and made my way downtown. I plan to take some notes and summarize my next novel today, which once again will keep me on track. I also plan to write 500 words of my Sly blog post. That’ll keep me on track. It does mean that I’ll need to be writing down in New Orleans as well.

The Health and Wells will continue again tomorrow. I will make my way to the gym, and then hopefully be running while I’m down in New Orleans. At the very least, I can make it a point to do most of my body-weight workout while I’m at the house. It’s going to be a lot of walking regardless the entire time I’m down there. We are also going to be cooking at the house most days, so that will be helpful in terms of nutrition as well.

Financially will be a bit fickle for the next sixty days or so. I have a budget for New Orleans which is a bit under what I originally wanted, however, it’s also going to temper a lot of things while I’m down there: read drinking. It’ll keep me on task for when I get home. I also still have my state tax return coming, which will be more money to keep me on track. That’ll be a good way to keep me moving forward.

My company will be one step at a time. I need to contact someone about the logo today. I have to finish edits on my novel. I will proceed to get the LLC. Then, I will need to get my website. I will do blog staging on my website. I will pay for my book cover and start selling the book. Then, I will get business cards. The website will go live the day the book is released, and the blog will start posting. Then, I head on to stage two.

I have created a plan. Now, I’ve just got to do it. One more day down, and only two more days until I’m in New Orleans!

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