Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Fifty-Six

It seems like such an easy concept. We are kind of indoctrinated with this idea from when we are little. We see girls become princesses in Disney films. We see heroes in the young boys who accomplish great things. In the end, we find ourselves older in a monotonous sort of life. Those dreams become things in the background that we strive for, until we backtrack a bit into our childhood and recapture that wonder, those dreams, and bring them forward again.

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite writers. I get quiet and nervous around people who inspire me, so I didn’t say much. But, listening to Neil Gaiman speak about his life as a former and future writer and current show runner of Good Omens made me remember why I love writing as much.

He was questioned about what it was like to write a young child in terms of Coraline and the boy from Ocean at the End of the World. He spoke about how some writers write children very well, while other people do not write them well at all. He believed it had to do with remember what it was Ike to be kids. Specifically, he spoke about his own young son and how much he remembered what it was like during those times. My brother talks about the same thing about his children.

I think the dreamers out there in the world continue to hold on to that wonder of youth. They end up seeing things with this bright optimism. They don’t lose the spark that makes them seem so young. I myself have been called quite a bit younger than I currently am because, I believe, about how I act. I am hopeful, I am positive, and I am optimist. I am a bit naïve at times, but I am also someone who is driven to do what he wants and what he likes. I would describe a lot of kids that way.

Children have a wonder of the world. Sure, they get feisty when you don’t get them what they want, but they learn to accomplish things on their own. Or, they move on to do something else. They see the world with wide eyes that make it mysterious and exciting again and again.

People should find that youth in themselves, even if they have grandchildren or great grandchildren of their own. Recapture the dreams you once had, and bring them to the forefront. If they aren’t your dreams anymore, find new ones. Put them in the forefront of your life, and make everything you do a part of acquiring that dream. Even if it’s a simple dream. It’ll change our life moving forward.

When you follow your passions, even if it’s just being okay financially, okay at work, and stable, you begin to find things falling into place. It changes your world when you’re at ease with yourself, your present, and your destination. And it makes acquiring those dreams possible.

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