Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Fifty-Seven

I am currently in New Orleans. It’s one of the reasons why I currently needed to post two posts today instead of just one. I was so fueled up yesterday for the events of yesterday and today that I completely spaced actually getting any writing done. I made it my mission to actually get three posts done today. It was on my list, so it must be done. It’s why today I’m writing once again about not hesitating to have a good time.

I have been working quite a bit the last few weeks. I worked 6 days a week for two weeks. I worked a busy Tuesday. I ended up squeezing in a little time to hang out with friends all to get myself situated for this trip. I am now here, and the world seems to have opened up.

I am super excited to be here. In probably about eight hours, my friends will be coming in from Houston and we will hang out. In about an hour to an hour and a half, I will make my way over to our airbnb and drop my stuff off. Right now, I am having a Bloody Mary at a bar that I have been to before with my friends from South Dakota. It’s nice to be back here.

The only downside is the fact that it means I have to work at getting my writing done. I don’t have the same kind of systems in place that I normally do back home. At home, I do my usual get coffee, write, and then go to work. During trips, I don’t have the coffee place down. I don’t know a good place to write. I just do it when I can.

Right now, for instance, I am having said Bloody Mary at this bar and just got out my tablet and started writing to get it done. Especially on vacations, you have to get yourself some time to wind down and allow yourself to let your hair down so to speak. There’s no rush to do anything, as long as it gets done.

I have to make sure that I do it, however. I am going to be drug around with the couple I’m with. It’s going to be a lot of hanging out, and probably quite a bit of alcohol. I need to keep myself hydrated and definitely watch what I am drinking. I may not hesitate to have a good time, but I am definitely hesitating about the amount of alcohol that I am drinking. Be safe, which is above all else.

This weekend is going to be a good time, and we’re going to make some pretty awesome memories while we’re down here. I am going to keep the drinking to as minimum as one can in a city dedicated to decadence. I’ll keep everything in order, and things are going to be great. I am starting off great with getting my posting done before I do anything else. It’s the party side of living the superhero life. Everyone should have a few of these moments.

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