Sixty Day Superhero – Day Sixty

Here it is: day sixty.

My entire plan was to have this started and done by the time I came to New Orleans. I didn’t actually look back and see if I forgot days or doubled-up on days. I just know that here I sit in New Orleans writing day sixty on my penultimate day here.

Yesterday was not a perfect day, but I spent the day completely getting myself balanced. I got some crystal bracelets to promote healthy life, I got some books on the hermetic Kabbalism, and I spent time learning a little bit more meditation to promote a healthy life well beyond here. Yes, those things cost money. Yes, I already bought something from Amazon that I will need to send back. All these things can wait, and I can deal with them as I go along.

The big goal here, sixty days ago, was to set myself up for a healthier life, a life of excellence. I know I have personally done that. My friends group has changed considerably, or more importantly, my current friends group has cemented a bit. I have both gotten my finances under control, while also let them go a little bit wild while on vacation. As my roommate says, this is normal. My running mantra is you can always get more money. I have only went jogging once since I got here, but up until this week I have spent two to three days a week going to the gym. I have begun to change my look, and my headspace is in an incredibly different positive place. It’s amazing how much can change so quickly.

What does this mean for the future? Part of me wants to start over again. I think if I do this again and go back and look at the days, I can refine things. I can continue to make myself a little bit better. I have all he trappings of being a superhero laid out before me. I have a great supporting cast filled with positive individuals to keep me mentally happy, I have great friends who help me professionally, and I have a newfound personal spirituality that keeps me focused on helping growth within the world around me. As I said, this is all just a start.

All of these things can be worked on further. I can work at being better at my bartending gig, so that I can expand moving forward into bigger and better things. I need to set more time weekly to be working on my novel, and actually not splitting my focus when I’m supposed to be working on it. I can be more aware of my spending and make sure that I track not only my money, but my time as well. The next step is honing in on these focuses and making them better. I need to be working muscles at the gym instead of just doing body weight workouts. I need to be practicing yoga as well as meditation. I need to make sure I’m giving myself enough time to be social. I need to keep everything balanced to thrive.

That’s definitely my next step. Balance to Thrive. I can do everything I want to in this life, and you can too. See you on the other side as I started the next sixty days, and perhaps living the superhero life will be the only life I know from now on.

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