Day One – Rewrite My Story

In the recent past, I have found myself surrounded by amazingly positive and influential people. It’s an amazing thing to have such positivity surround you. It has taken me a long time to find those kind of people here who not only keep the positive vibes going, but do not hesitate to lightly (and sometimes not so lightly) push you forward. When I was back in South Dakota, I had the same kind of influence with my friend group. Charmaine and I pushed each other to great lengths which led us to our respective positions. My friend, Richard, gave me a lot of insight and optimism. Kathryn and Andy gave a guy the best kind of friends one could hope for. Here, I have just now surrounded myself with those kind of people to help push me forward.

Okay, enough about how awesome my friends are. It was before I left for New Orleans that I had a conversation with one of these friends. We were walking around the block, and I mentioned the fact that I had trouble saving money. He said something that got me changing my tune. I started talking about this history I had of inability to save, and my family not seeming to have a lot growing up. He stopped me. He simply said that wasn’t my story any more, and that I needed to let it go. For a few days, I think I tried to complicate this idea in my head. I let the ego slowly break down all the ways that wasn’t the case, but really it is.

Within the last few months, my story has changed considerably. I wrote a novel. I have not published the novel yet, but I wrote it. I have worked out at the gym quite often. I have moved my career from restaurant manager to bartender. I have evolved, and my story evolved with me. It’s still evolving and changing, and that’s the brilliant part of rewrites. You’re always rewriting things.

I have been wondering about what I wanted to write about for the last few days. I finished the ‘Sixty Day Superhero’ and wanted to start something new. I sort of decided that I want to just keep with the journaling idea. My posts might not be as long as they used to be, but I want to keep my positive journey out there for the world to see.

I early enjoy these moments that I am currently having. I work out daily. I write daily. I work on my novel daily. I work to keep the love flowing on a daily basis. It may not always be the most dramatic or the most exciting, but just being positive makes a push to a better moment in the people around me. And that’s all I can really strive to do. It’s a good thing to strive for. I think that’s the direction we all should be heading towards. Well, here’s to another great day. Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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