Day Five – The Man in the Mirror

During the sixty day superhero, I talked about my three goals for this year. I wanted to change my mindset, my lifestyle, and my look. It’s kind of cool to even look back to less than a month ago and see the change that has taken place by enacting those things.

I bought new clothes over the past few weeks. Nothing too extravagant. I got myself some new shirts, a couple new pairs of shorts, and a new pair of pants. The biggest addition has been the baseball cap. The first day I put on all the clothes, my starbucks baristas, who I see daily, did not recognize me. I look in the mirror with the new additions to the wardrobe and don’t really know the man staring back at me. It does go deeper than the new clothes, but the person staring back is so different than the guy who quit the pizza place. It seems like another life.

I have had two major lifestyle changes that came about. I have severely cut down my alcohol intake. My friend puts it best, although I can’t remember his exact words. It comes down to this: I don’t need alcohol to run away or search for whatever. I have everything I need right here. I have friends. I have love. I really enjoy my work. I am not without. It’s a great feeling. The other lifestyle change is my relationship with money.

I have had a budget for the last few years, but up until the last few months, I have literally told myself that I wasn’t good with saving. I wasn’t good with money. That isn’t the new guy staring back in the mirror. He saves. He works. He writes. He’s the guy who appreciates, and loves, and has his shit together. He watches what he spends and prepares for his future. No, I guess he doesn’t prepare for his future. He makes his future, his present in every moment.

Mentally, things are going fantastic. It’s such a brilliant feeling having things fall into place. It has not always been easy. There are moments that are really hard to get through when the stresses of bartending or life weigh me down. In New Orleans last week, I started meditating. I finished a book on being present and letting my ego go. And the biggest take away from both is to let myself feel stress, let myself get weighed down, I should feel it, accept it, and move on. I am almost positive that’s why I’m so exuberantly happy lately. I’m learning to just let things go.

I’m going to end today with a quote that I absolutely love. It sums up what it means to be a superhero to me. It sums up everything about comic books that I love, and sums of the kind of person I want to be. I am living the life I want to live. I am living the superhero life, and I’m wish the best of Sundays to all of you.

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