Day Seven – Domesticity In Action

Domestic life amuses me. As someone who is definitively single, I have found myself always the one to take on the attributes of the people I live with. If they don’t wash the dishes regularly, I tend to leave the sink get full and not think about it. If they happen to do the dishes as soon as they get done, I am in there washing things like crazy. The living room would get clean, and even my personal space begins to pick up and get cleaner. For the last few years, things have been a bit untidy. But, that’s okay. I have no one to please except my cat, and nothing pleases her.

Watching my friends live their life with me on the outskirts is interesting. One of them is cleaning things in the kitchen or doing some work on their phone, while the other one sits and his laptop. We poke comments about one or the other, because that’s what friends do. In the end, we all smile and laugh.

It’s hard, sometimes, to think about the deeper form of relationships. We, as people, mostly see two aspects of them. We see them when they’re working or when they’re really no working. When they’re working, there’s nothing really exciting from an outside perspective. They go out about their day. They meet up with you and hang out. Or, alternatively, you meet up with one of them. Nothing is super exciting, except for the fact that innately you know that there’s such a strong bond and love between them that keeps things together.

The other side, when things aren’t going right, is much more exciting, but it’s also much harder to deal with. When a relationship isn’t working out, you get one side of the story. Sometimes, it’s easy to choose sides because someone is being berated or mentally abused, but most times, it’s actually much harder to choose a side since you actually don’t know the story. You side with your friend because it’s the easier alternative, but you don’t really know what’s happening from the side you’re not hearing.

I have been in a couple domestic situations myself. The first was with my best friend. She literally was a 50’s housewife while we were together. We would have guests over. She would serve drinks, keep house, and just overall be the housewife I never really wanted. The second one was when I was dating my ex. He would constantly complain about me not cleaning and then do nothing himself to actually clean. It was definitively an abusive relationship, but I, as I have stated previously, was not ready to be in a relationship or domestic life at all.

I am really glad where I’m at right now. The possibilities are open. And I’m really glad to see these positive kind of relationships around me, which makes it good to see and envision possibilities of domesticity and relationship. At the end of the day, it’s just people living their lives together with their friends. They’re doing their own thing together. It’s actually quite uncomplicated when you get to a certain point. It’s nice. It’s loving. And I’m just glad to see people who have found people.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone. I hope the rest of your week goes as smoothly as mine did.

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