Day Twelve – Idea Invasion

No one really understands why it’s so complicated to write. At the end of the day, it’s just words on a page. But, getting the right words on the page represents only half the battle. The other half stands as something more complicated. Ideas keep coming and you cannot stop them, even when you’re focusing on something else.

For instance, I got two ideas simultaneously at 9am today while texting a friend. The first idea was just a title. “Behind the Looking Glass.” This Idea was followed almost instantly with a scene of a guy, probably in his twenties, taking an old mirror off the wall and seeing paper peeling away on the back. He pulls the paper off to reveal this other side, a more ornate mirror that he falls through and adventure ensue a la Alice in Wonderland.

Even as I just write that down, the idea becomes more concrete. I start picturing where the room is, and defining features about the guy who is in the room. He’s Hispanic, maybe Columbian. He’s got bright, yet mischievous eyes. He’s got this playful nature. He’s a teacher, and has some sort of abilities which is why he stumbles upon this room. The stories and these ideas continue growing so fast.

The second idea was this one, explaining ideas. This was obviously the easier one to write, while I’m trying to fall back asleep. Alas, they tie well back together.

Ideas start and very quickly it feels like my mind organizes thoughts to produce it in the world. I begin to connect it with my other stories and intricately build it into my universe. The story ties back to the Arcadian Academy and the character, Sean, who runs it. It probably also brings in his wife, an heiress from NYC. Even the Arcadian Academy itself was just a throwaway line in my novel that grew into a story all its own.

Lately, I have gotten a little smarter about it. I just write down notes on a Sentinels Projects drive document and move back to what I’m working on. I feel like i have been adding to it more and more lately. I put the ideas off to the side. Then, I can look back on it when I need an idea. I then keep trudging through whatever it is I am doing. This will be great when I start finishing things and working on my next project. I have been training myself to be more focused a lot of different ways lately with the drive list of projects only being one of them.

I started meditating mostly for my anxiety, but I think the meditation I have been doing has helped keep my head focused too. It keeps the cobwebs from forming and keeps me moving forward with the right things, although the last few days have been hard. Someone found the weird solar flares creating oddness recently in people’s lives. I concur that there’s been a shift and I’m needing to refocus myself. The correct systems help with that. It’s go time for this novel, and I can’t keeping having other ideas get in my way. This is my future, and these moments define that.

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