Day Fifteen – Soul Mates

I always believed in soul mates. At first, it was because there was something so romantic about the idea. There was this person out there destined to change the course of my life. We would spend it together and evolve and grow. My idea has changed a bit, but I still believe there are people out there destined to be with you forever.

These people don’t ever leave you. They are there in your thoughts constantly, and even if it’s been ages since you’ve seen them, the two of you easily fall back in stride. You can’t miss them, because fate and chance brought you together. It’s what makes it so special.

I have had this phenomenon happen twice, and in both cases, it wasn’t romantic. The first happened back in South Dakota. Back in the 2009, I cultivated quite the harem of both people I slept with and could. The person I opted to meet up with that night was someone I seriously disrespected by shaming his weight. He none the less opted to hook up. We met up, and I got told he just wasn’t into it with me. I angrily packed up and left.

I wasn’t going to ruin a good Friday night. I called my cousin who lived an hour away. I made plans to hang out with her. I showered off my shame. I then drove sixty miles to my cousin. It was great.

We watched movies. We caught up. I talked about me leaving shortly after for the Navy. We drank. We played beer pong. We started to put together the Nintendo to play Super Mario 3 when she got a call from her dad to pick him up at the bar. She left. Her husband and I played video games.

When she came back, she brought back a plethora of people. In the end, none of them mattered outside of Charmaine. She and I got to talked as she tied up the men in rodeo lariats. She then mentioned a leather corset being saying she knew I was gay. In the new few weeks, we became inseparable. And in the months to follow, changed each other irrevocably. She even let me go in a lot of ways to move to New Jersey. If she had told me not to go, I’d have stayed.

We don’t talk as often as we used to, but she still helps me to move forward and grow. When we do talk, it’s filled with love and passion. The changes we’ve affected in each other’s lives makes us better people and keeps us on the path of greatness. At least, I hope I helped her as much as she helped me.

It is love, but it’s more than that. And it’s forever. Some people come and go. You’ll know these soul mates when they come along. Just keep your eyes open. I still do every day, and spread the love to the ones I know every moment I can.

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