Day Sixteen – Finding Family

Family means a lot to me, but it not so cut and dried as the family I was born into. My mom, dad, and brother are great. I love them all dearly and talk to one of them generally daily. Sometimes, it’s just a quick phone call, while at other times, I’m texting my brother for an hour about some nerd thing he’s working on. I am not talking about that kind of family. I’m talking about the family that you find, or better yet, the family who finds you.

I don’t remember when a lot of my friends back home became my family. I met all my friends at very different times, and somewhere along the way, my parents knew their names. My friends were at all the close family events. My parents were invited to weddings. My friend drove with them from SD to New Orleans. My brother started at my old job, and moved into my former boss’s old house. Very suddenly, we were all intrinsically connected. Hell, much of this happened after I moved.

Even my roommate here has become part of the family. He gets added to our chat and my parents ask about him. These people have found their way deep into my heart like a family. I may not always like them or agree with them, but I love them more than words could potentially express. These people back home have pushed me, they have guided me, and they continue to do so even from so many miles away. We don’t always stay as close as we used to, but that happens sometimes. Love doesn’t know time it simply is.

I have a very different family forming now. It’s interesting to watch it form, progress, and grow right before me. There’s this great link of friendship, caring, and creativity that just feels so authentic and true. It’s just starting out and I’m not sure how close we are all going to be, but that’s exciting in its own right. It’s taken me a long time to find this kind of group here. These guys, just like my family back home, look out for me, cherish me, poke fun at me, and push me to be all that I can be. I remember when I first moved here that a long now-almost-forgotten friend told me it’d take me 5 years to settle in to a new place. He was right, and now I’m home.

I am incredibly lucky to have so many people in my life that I’m so close to. Not everyone has that, and for some people it takes a very long time to find those kind of people in their lives. For those who aren’t close, have been pushed out, or have lost their families, there are people out there who will bring you into their hearts, their homes, and their lives. It’s not always easy to find them and sometimes it takes a lo of time to do so, but believe it will happen. See the people who love you, and be open to it. Your family is there. And they love you.

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