Great Day

I have had a wonderful day today. It’s been a little weird, but I’m actually more than a little proud about it overall. By far, it was not the day that I had planned. My plan was simple. I planned on organizing my room. I wanted to get things set up to box and hide away down in our basement storage area. I would at the very least get the dishes done and pick up the rooms in which I spent any time. Those would be the bathroom, kitchen, and my bedroom. Instead, I sort of got whisked of into something very different.

When I got up, I got a text from one of the Prep counselors at Hudson Pride Center. I had spoken with him weeks ago about meeting with a doctor to get on the drug. That was great. However, I had in my mind that the seventh was a Thursday, not a Monday morning. This was completely my mistake, and those mistakes happen. I promptly got up, dressed, and rode my bike into Jersey City.

The ride was good. It was a little chilly at times, but by the time I got into Jersey City, the heat was already beginning to rise. I was early enough that I decided to walk the rest of the way to Hoboken. After a conversation yesterday, I called all three of my living grandparents. I spoke with each of them, and although one of them asked if I was ‘looking at girls’ they were still in good health. I then called my father. I ran into a friend in Hoboken which I didn’t expect to see, and then shook hands with the mayor as we walked by each other.

For me, this was a completely surreal experience. I literally didn’t have the time to converse, but our eyes met, I reached out my hand as he did, gave him a nod, and shook his hand. Then I continued on my way a bit flabbergasted that this was my life. It’s one of the many changes I have made in my life right there in the forefront of things.

It kind of feels like that what today has been about in a lot of ways. It was things coming to the forefront. I moved from a job that did not make me feel complete to a job working with a community I longed for a long time to be apart. I went from being an unhealthy alcoholic to being the healthiest I’ve ever been and exercising constantly. I am working towards something great in terms of my other blog and just my life overall. And it has to do with all the changes that I’ve made.

Sure, I still broke a glass at work, dropped the remote on the floor, and almost fell multiple times. But when it comes through life, there was no actual stumbling. I have had my head raise high and got my life together. It’s great to have days like today where the sun is shining and everything just works out. The signs are a wonderful reminder to just keep going. You got this. It’s a great place to be, and if you’re not there, I hope you find it.

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