From Thought to Reality

I live an interesting life. I spoke yesterday about change and how things seem so completely different than they did months ago. Today, I want to talk about envisioning the person.

It’s interesting when you start seeing the guy in the mirror you always knew was locked away inside of you. My best friend from back home just sent me a message saying how she loves seeing the person she knew I was inside, the same statement my best friend here has told me. I am beginning to see it. I believe it, and I know it’s only getting better.

When I was talking to another friend today, I told the story of dating this guy and being enamored with his connectedness back home in Brookings. He walked into a bar, and made a beeline to a friend. I trailed behind him in the bar that I did not exactly feel comfortable in. He shook hands with several people and had a quick conversation, introducing me at every turn. We finally made it to his friend, but had already spoken with a half dozen people. I love this.

At the time, I did not have a close friend group. I had a few friends that I hung out with rarely. I felt a bit like an outsider which made the Navy feel like a good choice. (It was a horrible choice for me, but it was a pivotal moment in my life nonetheless). However, seeing this interconnectivity that this man had, I wanted nothing more than to be him.

When I returned from the Navy, I had a new best friend. I had a new apartment right downtown. I was back in school. I joined groups. I interacted with a bunch of people. I ended up building that kind of social network that allowed me to be known.

Fast forward nearly a decade, I know people throughout Jersey City. I am friends with many business owners having been the general manager of a restaurant downtown. I shake hands with community leaders and throw events that are attended by local politicians. It’s funny seeing what I wanted come to fruition around me.

It’s really an amazing thing, and it all started with an idea. I saw something that I wanted to accomplish. It took time. It took effort, and it took a lot of smiles, sweat, hope, and tears. I’m heading in the right direction and keep redirecting towards an amazing future. I am evolving, and it is fantastic.

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