Endings and New Beginnings

Endings and New Beginnings

I am at the precipice of change. Those are lofty words, but completely honest. I’m writing this as I’m minutes away from my last shift at my first bar job in New Jersey. This job was right across from my first job in New Jersey where I worked for five and a half years. As my sixth year in New Jersey comes to a close, the most fruitful and biggest changes of my life are upon me.

I got my job at LITM almost by accident. I wanted to learn how to bartend and one of my friends said she would show me. Tiffany gave me the ins and outs of making drinks about two hours a week for three weeks. Then, I got roped into serving during one of those shifts. Finally, someone asked me to pick up a shift. Few weeks later, I had taken a barbacking shift in addition to my 45+ hours at the pizza shop. I became a bartender soon after.

LITM has a special place for me. I remember coming here for the first time and meeting the bartenders. My current boss (at the pizza place) saw how desperately depressed I was after a breakup. He told me to go have a drink before my shift. I went over and had a cider. The bartender that was working behind the bar was from Omaha, almost instantly we began to talk about the Midwest and the biggest differences between there and here. It was only months after I moved, and it’s always nice to talk about home. My interactions after that just continued to blossom. I met a lot of friends through the business, and learned a lot about bartending, but like all things, it’s time to move on.

The greatest part about quitting my job at the pizza place was actually getting myself sorted out. I had time to actually sit and write my blog. I had time to finish the rough draft of my novel. I had time to actually breathe a little bit, since when you’re not management you can leave behind your work and not think about it. I remember how much I got accomplished back in November and December and glad to be in a similar situation.

There were negative things that happened during that time. I was drinking too much. I was getting myself into bad situations. Eeven though my success in writing and my stress levels were low, I found ways to complicate matters further. I’m not held back by those things anymore.

I have a great foundation of friends to help me, and whom I want to help. I’m working with Hudson Pride Center wherever I can. I hope to help my friend with his own non-profit. My friends are helping me build my other blog and business, which will honestly help all of us out in the end. I also have a great job at another bar which just keeps me living to the life I know will only keep getting better.

With all the good things on the horizon, I can’t help but leave here with a light and full heart. It’s not a door that’s fully closed and if they ever need help, they’ve already said they would send me a message and see what my availability is like. I’m not closing a door. I’m opening it up and stepping into the sunshine of a bright future. And that makes this ending well worth the new beginning.

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