Positive Affirmations

Day two of the blog posting and all I can think of is how beautiful out it is. It feels like the heavens have opened up and given me exactly what I needed to start my dead. This, my friends, is the power of manifestation.

I remember seeing this for the first time on the movie Violet Tendencies. It’s sort of poked fun at this beauty skinny, cliche Hollywood model. She’s sitting on a bench talking about just that and someone brings her a latte like she wants it. That’s a little extreme, and she put in no work except the power of thought, which isn’t exactly how these things work.

The first thing I am going to bring up here is the Oprah Bookclub Book, The Secret. I made so much fun of this book when it first came out. So many people read it because Oprah did and I found the idea to be a bit of a joke. I read it last year, and it resonated with some of the other things I’d been reading. This idea of promoting and exuding positivity made sense to me.

The second was a book my friend, Michael, brought up to me, the New Earth. This added a whole new idea in the form of getting rid of the ego and accepting the fact that what you see and view in the world is just reflecting who and what you are. If you promote and expect negativity, it’s all you’re going to see in the world. Together with the help of Michael and our friends, I have shifted my perceptions to a lighter and more positive view of the world.

I’m not perfect. My ego takes hold of me sometimes in the most awful of situations, and it’s in those moments that I find my center and recognize them for what they are. That isn’t easy. But, this change of thinking has changed my life.

I asked for health. I asked for abundance. I asked for love. And I received all of them. It took me some work, optimism, and positivity, but my life continues to flourish. I want to spread this to everyone so we can all shine a little brighter and love, love, love.

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