Seize the Day

I have always had trouble living in the moment. The future and the past have always tied me down. The future remains filled with all these possibilities and pathways that I could go down in any moment. The past is filled with anxieties that are gone, past pains and past dramas that in reality no longer matter outside of causing worry. This all leads me to want to focus on this living from moment to moment and following the path forward, but living in the moment is never an easy thing.

The future and the past will always just be those things. No matter how much you think on them, it’s what you are doing right now that will actually lead you forward. It’s why momentary living and being present in your life is os important. I read in one of the books that you don’t even need to worry past the current moment. What’s important is right now? Look at it this way, if you want a drink of water that’s sitting across the room, the thought, and the step are each a moment in time until you et that water. It’s not saying don’t plan for your future, but don’t get wrapped up in how many steps, how much water, or what it’s going to take to do it. If you just do it, it’s there and you will have it. That is simplifying things a bit. (Or complicating it based on the metaphor, I’m unsure, but I go on).

When I was younger, I used to get wrapped up in my past. I let the negative impacts of everything from classmate teasing, issues with the family, and traumatic abuses hold me back. I used them a bit as a weird security blanket. They were what I knew. That sadness and pain was easy to deal with since I’ve always dealt with it. In reality, none of that stuff really effects anything I do or my progression forward. I needed to leave the anxiety of the past behind and actually move forward. The anxiety I have now has shifted towards the future.

I tend to get wrapped up in these thoughts and possibilities that will never come to past. I worry about making a fool of myself in front of people while I’m public speaking (and I did, but I succeeded in doing it). That’s a realistic worry, but a worry of all my friends throwing me away like a bag of empty potato chips is not going to happen. Those thoughts are still there, and finding myself in the moment will help me get past those.

The best way to push through these anxieties is finding ways to center yourself in the moment. I have begun to start a meditation practice which focusing on your breathing and keeping your head clear. In these meditative moments, you center yourself in the present and begin to study your breathing as it happens and keeping your thoughts clear. Eventually, you open up your senses while not dictating good or bad or this and that. You simply take everything in exactly as it is. It’s a wonderful thing to keep yourself in the moment.

My friend also has gotten me to tap on my chest when I began to get anxious and concentrate on that. It brings me back to my center, much like taking in the deep breaths. The physical nature of it makes your body move in sync. The sound, the pressure, and the focus brings me back to center. It’s a big help in moments when actually closing your eyes and focusing inward isn’t exactly easy.

Living in the moment helps you proceed forward with a clear head. It means not using the past or the future to stop yourself for moving and accomplishing everything you set out to do. It’s not easy, but it is helpful and it keeps you focused and more positive. You stop finding ways to stop yourself from doing things and use doing it. I honestly believe in the power of positive thinking, and keeping present and in the moment is a big part of that. If I can do it, you can do it, and our lives can continue to get a little easier.

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