Journey to Abdominals

I want abs. Okay, that’s a fairly ego sort of statement. I am oddly okay with that. I have loved various types of superheroes since I was little. I watched X-Men: The Animated Series and WildC.A.Ts. I read the comic books with the men with their perfect athletically chiseled bodies some who acquired said bodies because they were bitten by radioactive insects. Nonetheless, I have always wanted that superheroic physique. And I am so close!

Okay, I have always been lucky to be skinny(ish). Abs were always a possibility. My family is filled with tall, skinny people. But, I was never the athletic type growing up. I was the guy who liked to read a book or play on the computer instead of shooting hoops outside or playing football. I did hold some interest in swimming and soccer, but neither of those sports were offered or encouraged where I grew up. So, I didn’t care.

I remember always being bitter about my dad having been in such shape in high school. He ran cross country and went into the Air Force right after school. He would always poke fun at my physique because mine wasn’t as good as his. When I got older and put on weight around my waist, he and my brother got started on me as the chubby one. (In reality, I weighed less than either one of them do now). I always wanted to keep healthy, and I wanted to be like the superheroes I admired.

It wasn’t until I actually started getting this blog off the ground that I really took fitness and the idea of being healthy seriously. It was in that moment that gaining abs became a potential reality instead of a dream somewhere in the future. I cut alcohol mostly out of my diet which actually forced a large change calorically. That in itself shredded the excess weight. I stared working out on average three days a week in January. And now, I have a flat stomach.

I’m making a change again today. Abs are so close, but now it’s going to come down to diet. I eat pretty terribly overall. For the last year, I have started my day with a large coffee, soy milk, and espresso. Beside that, I order a yogurt blueberry muffin. These are by far not the healthiest options that i could be eating to start my day. My goal over the next week is cutting out the muffin and eating almonds with fruit. Calorically, it’s less and in terms of health, it’s much better. In terms of daily food, I need to keep cutting useless calories and bringing in more fruits and vegetables. I am going to try and keep my diet to a paleo(ish) diet after 3pm every day, which is when I would be going to work. I also want to not eat after 11pm. That means only fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and tofu for the majority next week. It’s going to be a bit of a trial since I don’t have a lot of income to buy said things, but I’ll make it work.

This is something I have been working towards since I started Living the Superhero Life back in November. It’s been a rough journey and eye opening in a lot of ways. I can’t wait to see how things progress, and how much more I can grow in health, wellness, and spiritually. Abs are just part of that, and a minor part, but it’s the little pieces that will paint the new picture of the super heroic me.

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