What I Put in My Mouth

Food and I have an interesting relationship. Simply put, we love each other. Not so simply put, I don’t like some of the cousins. I have been a vegetarian for almost four years with having done it a year prior to that stint with a year of omnivorous eating between the two. It makes healthy dieting interesting, but not impossible. It also means carbs are important, and for someone in my predicament it means thinking about all the things I’m putting in my mouth and how my body will react to it.

My diet consists almost exclusively of eating out. I work anywhere from 8-12 hours at a restaurant and will eat from their menu. I spend 16 hours a day outside my apartment, yesterday i spent only 6.5 hours at home. It leads a lot to be desired in terms of eating at home. I am a guy constantly on the move. I don’t like to cook enough to take the time to sit back, make a huge meal, and then pack it up throughout the week. I also don’t have the space in my bag, and who wants to eat pasta and veggies that have spent most of the day near my sweaty underwear.

I also don’t drink. I am particular here to say that I imbibe perhaps once a week on average and taste certain cocktails I design. When I say I don’t drink, I mean two things: I do not go out to ‘have a drink,’ and I do not drink in excess. This change in my mentality has completely changed my relationship with alcohol and above all my relationship with myself. It also means i am not going to take in as many empty calories as I used too on a regular basis.

So what am I to do? My current idea is just being careful. Yesterday, I talked about only eating carbs until 3pm. This means that I will eating all my breads, rices, and pastas before my 930am wake up time and my 3pm work shift. That leaves me to eat something off the menu at work with no potatoes or bread. It also, oddly, would allow for my blueberry yogurt muffin for breakfast with my coffee, but that’s where my be careful comes in. I’ve scrapped that for almonds and a banana.

My friend gave me this idea of carb cycling, which would allow for high carb days on high workout days. I just would need to define when and what is a high energy day. It makes sense for my incredibly active lifestyle. I workout daily, spend eight hours on my feet at work, and tend to run, walk, or bike everywhere. And this too would be something I would need to be careful about. I wouldn’t want to carb-load and find myself sedentary for the day, which I feel would happen.

My other friend gave me an app to track calories with my Apple Watch. That means taking a moment to actually input things in so that i can make sure I’m hitting all the right things for my diet. I had some push back because i eat out a lot. Many things I will have to manually enter piece by piece since the restaurants specifics won’t be on the app. But even putting in anything close will give me a more accurate idea than I currently have.

At work, i will probably be eating a lot of the same thing. I’ll eat a salad or a veggie burger with sweet potato fries. It’s simple but they’re jammed packed with deliciousness and the right kind of calories for a healthy life.

I have the knowledge to keep a healthy diet even with my lifestyle. I just have to be conscious of what I’m eating. If I have questions, I have the internet right at my fingertips to answer the majority of them and to help me out moving forward. I love food, really. I love the taste and exploring new flavors. And I don’t have to give that up to have the body or life the healthy lifestyle I want. I just have to think about what and before I put something in my mouth.

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