Time and Relativity

Time is an odd thing. Sometimes, it feels like things take forever to come, while others feel like they drag for hours. I always feel like I’m running and accomplishing things, but at the same instant, I have so much out there to do and only a limited amount of moments to do so. How does one go about getting everything they want done in their day, and build the stepping stones of an amazing future with the commodity of time?

In the past few months, I haven’t really even thought about how I’ve been spending my time. I honestly just feel like I’ve been spending time with my friends. I mix cocktails with my friend, Matt. I go to events with my group of friend. I catch the majority of them at work constantly. I workout daily with them. The only time I’m really alone it seems is when I’m actually heading home to Bayonne. I don’t realize how much time i actually spend on work.

The events I go to in Jersey City support or enhance the queer population in downtown Jersey City. Various friends of mine created and run these events. Not only are they fun, but I support the endeavors of my friends. When I throw events, I always catch a handful of them coming to do the same. This builds the community that I’ve always wanted to be apart. And even though I can’t always do as much as I wish, I use my time to be apart of as much as I can.

I write two blog posts a day. That’s roughly 1,000 words written for two different blogs. Even as we speak, I am doing my laundry while walking to get coffee. I’m typing this blog post up on my phone. I don’t like to waste the moments that i have. I try to get as much done as possible.

It’s funny. I always pushed my friends to live by this “How I Met Your Mother”. There’s a naked man on a couch who asks what this woman wants to do with her life. When she says, “End Poverty.” He says, “Then every decision you make from here on out should be in service of that.” I have found myself doing just that. It’s like every decision made and moment spent has led me to this point. Don’t waste a moment and get started on it now!

Everything feels like it’s coming together. I am not wasting any time. Each moment moves me forward and closer to my end goals. I find myself constantly on the move but each step pushes me closer to all the things I want to do. I am lucky to have the people in my life who are all heading in the generalized direction I am. They work in the industry or work with the community I want to work in or even just like to tell stories like I do. It makes my life a great one to live, and each moment to be important.

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