Changing Habits

I live a good life, but I am only now setting myself up for true success. I have begun to look at myself and make the changes to provide myself with an amazing foundation to build on. Lately, I have been looking at the small habits that have been holding me back.

Small things tend to build into much larger ones. My friend always tells me that one place I’m missing is setting my intent for the day when i first wake up. I wake up, go right to my phone, check my messages, and then get out of bed ignoring everything around me before leaving the apartment. My mindset has always been that my life is in Jersey City. It’s where my friends are. JC is where I get my writing done. It’s where my job and gym are. But, for 8 hours a day I surround myself with all this clutter of books and stuff. I leave my bed unmade and stray scraps of paper on the floor. What is this telling me or others who happen to catch it? Messy. I am waking up each morning to a mess of a life.

I woke up this morning and did some minor changes to my room. I threw away the trash. I put away my clothes from the long weekend. I packed up my bag and made my bed. Even though I still have books stacked on top of books, it puts me in a different position than any other day. It’s planting my feet and saying I’m keeping things tidy and willing to work to make things a bit better.

It’s these little things that make big changes. I did not just lose the fat on my body and turn it into muscle. I started back in January going to the gym three days a week. I applied for the job I wanted and I got it. It’s little amounts of work that add up to a finished product. I have hundreds of blog posts and starting a second one, and it’s all because I wrote the first post.

To clean up the mess, I am going to have to prioritize the time, but that leaves a second task, i need to decide what projects I’m willing to finish. I mentioned in a previous post that my room is filled with things I started and never finished. I need to make a decision of what I want to finish or move beyond the other things. I have a guitar, drawing supplies, swimming gear, and a dresser I have yet to complete. My living situation also leaves the word “incomplete” sitting on my life.

I’m going to leave both words behind today. This is my life and I get to be the one to define it. I know what I need to do, and will start organizing and preparing to box things up even if it’s a few things a day. I don’t need the clutter surrounding me. I don’t need reminders of the past. It’s time to look forward to a future with finished projects and clean clutter-free living. It’s all a process and begins with just a step forward.

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