What You Tell the Universe

We always hear that you should be the change you wish to see in the world. As a writer, I remember being told to write the story I wanted to read. In both instances, it gives you this epic truth for your future. You make the reality in which you want to live.

This is hardly a concept that I have created or pulled out of thing air. The book, The Secret, tells all about this idea of putting out positive thoughts and energies to get the same kind of positivity returned to you. Last night, Michael spoke on a panel and perpetuated the idea of setting intention to start a our day. This intent at the beginning of your day will carry you forward until you rest. Everything you do, how you surround yourself in your home, and the people around you dictate this intention to the universe.

Prioritizing the things that matter. For a long time, pleasure was my priority. It wasn’t the kind of pleasure that is long term, but instant pleasures. I used alcohol to drown out the negative and sex to placate the lack of belong i felt in my environment. I was making good money but I tossed it away for instant pleasures and didn’t invest in my future. When I changed my job and began to focus all my attention towards my writing. My life focus shifted and with that shift I began to explore new futures and prioritizing ways to get me there.

You should change your surroundings to promote a better future. For a long time, I held on to things with a lot of negative baggage. I had stuffed animals I got for my ex. I had posters hanging that did not reflect me currently. I still have books sitting everywhere with no rhyme of reason outside I’m a book lover. My surrounds promote and cluttered and messy lifestyle. That tells the universe I’m cluttered and messy that permeates outward to me spilling coffee on myself or just being a clumsy person. You build the life around you that you want to reflect outward into the universe. Set your intent with your surroundings, and realize what intent you are setting to make it work for you.

Blessing abound in the weirdest places, including those people you don’t get along with or hate. I have negative emotions surrounding my grandfather. A lot of it comes down to his aggressive and abrasive nature when i was a kid. And i have some of those same aggressive and abrasive nature, but i do not hold on to his outward hostility of the world. It’s a blessing to have been given that gift. It pushes me to be better and kinder and instead of just seeing that abrasive, aggressive nature, try to break past it and understand. It was the pain I needed to let go to move forward happier. And I had to be given that for the lesson. It wasn’t an easy acceptance, but it did happen. You have to be kind to those people who teach you the hardest lessons in their secret ways.

You make your reality around you. You make subtle changes your hair to make a change after a breakup. You clean your house in spring to make room for an open summer. All these things tell the universe what you want and you have a right to a great life. Make it yours.

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