Love, Live, Prosper

I am magic. I am energy. I am light. I am abundance. I am optimism. I am hope. I am positivity. Okay, so even I understand how hokey that sounds, but there’s a truth to it. You have this great power inside you to change the world, but many people hold themselves back. I was definitely one of those people, but I found my power and reached out to make a solid and abundantly bountiful path in the world.

I spent many years as only a dreamer. I would watch these televisions shows and dream of travel. I wanted to see these far off places and do things that other people only dreamed of doing. I wanted to see Paris. I walked to walk the streets of London. I wanted to step into ancient castle halls. Besides that, I wanted to tell epic adventure stories. I wanted to write those great adventures where people travel all over the world. And I did all these things.

It starts with making a choice. If you want to travel, pick a place on a map. Start researchers costs. Then, save up for the plane ticket. But less junk food or stay in one day a week. If it’s super hard, pick up another job for the time being to pay for it. Do you investigating online and find the best time to buy plane tickets and always think in advance. Writing is actually easier. You have to sit and write. Write until you get the story out, and then start editing to make it better.

Sure, I lay all this out here as if it’s some magic spell one can easily cast. All these things take time and effort, but it all starts with a decision to do it. And that’s magic.

Think about what happens, really think about it. You write those words. Scribbles on a page. And someone else is going to read them. You’re bringing them on an adventure and bringing them into your life. Think about traveling, you’re each step forward and you find yourself into an entirely new world. You’re in a different place filled with love, happiness, and abundance from different cultures. Each thing happened because of a thought and a moment.

I remember when my old boss and good friend, Richard, decided to lose weight. He had just ate a donut with custard which he hated. Then, proceeded to eat most of the box before realizing how bad his mindless consumption had gotten. He opted to make a change in his life and went on a really strict diet. He got rid of the pounds and the next time I saw him he looked different, healthy and happy. His decision started with a realization and followed by a choice, but that choice changed his health and created an inspiring story to help others take control and change their habits.

To a large degree, these changes are scary. It’s letting go of negative thoughts and latching on to a happy future. Those negative thoughts comfort you. You know how they are and what they do for your life. Positivity, happiness, and optimism are harder to live with because it’s new and a foreign feeling. In the end, you are the person stopping you from being the person you want to be. So, find the happiness currently in your life and stop searching for it. You have it. It’s there. And in that moment of acceptance, you’re a new human moving forward in love and optimism.

Since I have changed, I realized the connecting tissues that have been building in my life. My queer writing connects to my work with a non-profit. My bar work connects me with the queer patrons. The events I love to attend are all gay events, and 10 out of 10 times I have friends at the events so I can socialize. Giving into this love for yourself and the universe, you’ll start seeing and finding your path to excellence. You’ll begin to see the superhero within, and soon you realize you have the power inside you too. You can change the world. You are magic. You are light. You are love.

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