Man in the Mirror

It’s a wonderful thing to look in the mirror and just smile. And don’t think I’m just talking about looks here. You look into a mirror and see all that you are. In my case, I see the hours spent at the gym, I see the recently bought clothing that aligns with the writers, event planner, and bartender, I see all the words I’ve written, and I see my friends positive influence. It is the first time I’ve looked at myself and knew I was on the right path. I have made it this far on my journey, so where am I headed now.

It’s time to double down.

InquisiQueer has started. It’s now time to work on the blog, podcast, and videos to make it explode and drive the culture that I am creating. We came up with a tag-line yesterday between the three founders, and today, I’m working on searching for podcasting equipment, and getting out more content than the two weekly posts I have been working on. I am doing one step at a time, and soon we are all going to be running.

Personal blogging is still happening! I wake up every morning and try to come up with something to write and put out. It’s not always the easiest thing, especially considering I feel like I’m constantly redundant. I am happy. Set your intent. People are evolving. It’s such a great place to be. I just keep writing to keep things moving. I wanted a blog, and now I just have to keep it going.

My novel is coming along. I try to move through a chapter a day. The weekends make it tough because of the limited time while I work at the bar. However, I get a bit more done and continue to make it a little bit better each day. I now have a cover for it. Now, I just need the finished novel to go with it.

I go to the gym almost daily. I would say in actuality it’s about six times a week. I spend a lot of times on cardio or ab workouts. If I’m with Michael, I do more arms and shoulders. We work well together and I’m thankful he pushed me for the membership at this gym. In terms of nutrition, I need to prioritize my food intake and work on making sure I stay healthy. I love my active lifestyle but you need the right kind of energy to keep you going.

I am on the right path financially. My bartending job keeps me moving forward. It pays my bills and allows me to do all the things that I need to do. It’s a wonderful feeling to not worry about money, but it’s still definitely on my mind. It’s the down side of growing up a bit poor. You always wonder if what you have is enough. I’ll tell you right now, financially everything is going to work out better than ever.

I love seeing the person at the other end of this rainbow. He’s a full time writer. He goes to events, both ones he plans and just to attend. He is healthy. He’s loving. He’s loved. He’s dressed well in his own style. And he continues to live life to the best of his ability.

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