Lost Boy

My morning has been this up and down roller coaster ride. And everything worked out. Then again, everything always works out. It’s the framing it in your mind that changes it from being a moment to an avalanche of negativity. I honestly did not frame things correctly to begin with, but with some help, I found my tools and climb the mountain avoiding more pitfalls on the way up.

I have become a lists guy. Yesterday, I made a list of all the stuff I needed to do today. I shouldn’t say all “needs”. Some were as simple as bringing in my guitar to get it re-strung by a friend. Nonetheless, I knew I was trapped for time and would need to be on point in the morning to get it all done. That is not at all what happened.

Before I left the bar, I forgot my tip money. At the time, I’d thought that I had lost it. Losing money, I could get over. I texted my boss and asked him to check and see if it was as there. I passed out in bed. I woke up in a jolt forty-five minutes before my alarm went off. I checked my phone, and knowing my boss, asked again about the money. My roommate was awake, which we talked about going to pick up something me things for me to de-clutter my room as well as necessary supplies like cat litter and cat food. I had checked my account yesterday, and all was good.

Narrator Voice: All was not good.

I got all the things with Marc. We strode up to the counter, and my card didn’t work. I tried it a second time before checking my account. My monthly gym membership was taken out. I did not in fact have enough money in my account. I could not in fact declutter my apartment. I could not in fact do laundry. This is me knowingly being dramatic.

First thing I did was step back and find the lesson learned. The embarrassment, that nervousness, and that confusion was something that I had felt before. I remember it happening when I lived back in South Dakota, or even when I first moved here. I hated that feeling. I hated knowing how little money I made, and knowing how hard I worked. Feeling that again made me gracious that it both didn’t happen as often, but also made me realize how far I had come in that moment. I was gracious to remember what it was like to be poor.

I did not get the boxes needed to de-clutter my apartment, but my roommate hate boxes sitting there that I could use. (It was only two in comparison to the six I would need). He also said that his friend had more boxes that I could use. Instead of rushing out to get them immediately, I would need to wait a few days. The lesson here was patience.

Finally, I needed to do my laundry. I was super irritated to begin with. I was agitated that I would not have the time to do it throughout the week. My friend offered to let me do it at his place. I had to suck it up and carry my laundry to another city via the train, but I did not have to spend the 8 dollars to do it. I was gracious for the help. And it was nice to know that I could count on my friends.

Everything worked out, but it was not something I expected. The path isn’t always right in front of you or the one you choose, but things do work out if you keep a positive spin on things. You also need to let the path happen. Things will happen in their own time. It’s nice to know that the lessons are always there waiting to be learned. You can always learn from these follies. You can always re-establish a center. Balance is everything.

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