Lists of Intentions

I have been trying to map out my week in advance. I have a hard time remembering even the simplest things sometimes. My friends can’t trust me to remember something for a couple hours let alone the week prior. This is one of the various ways I’m setting my intentions for my life. I like lists and use Google Keep to keep me organized.

Next week is all about finalizing things. I have two events, one that is already planned and I just need to promote and another one that is being set up. Both will not take a lot of work, but it will take me paying attention and keeping organized. I just have to keep them to the forefront to everything since both inevitably help me move forward professionally.

I need to finish editing the first part of my novel and move on to the second. When I originally wrote it, I had broken it up into 5 parts. Those 5 parts were then cut to three. And then I decided that those novellas were just going to be a single novel. However, it meant the first novel was edited quite a bit more than the rest. The other two parts need me to completely rewrite them in parts. This is one of my major priorities this year. I am going to finish this and I already have the cover art!!

De-Cluttering my room creates an immediate priority. I should have boxes on Friday that will allow me to clean everything out of my room and remove all the things that I don’t really need sitting around. That will allow me to get rid of the weeds and have a beautiful garden of a room to grow and flourish. The space will be mine and not filled with negativity. The boxes are free which means my patience or procrastination paid off.

The InquisiQueer blog, social media and podcast need to take a high priority starting immediately. I have a lot of ideas of what I do not want the blog to be, but I need to make sure that I am pushing it and giving it the right kind of attention. It takes a lot of work to get something like this off the ground. I have been putting some of the work in, and need to be pushing it more. Like my novel and like my bartending gig, this is a job. I need to be treating it like such, and working harder on it. It’s the voice of queer evolution, and I am part of that.

Let’s me honest. I have this stuff prioritized to some degree already. I just keep reinforcing it in my life to keep my intentions straight and narrow (as I do the gayest things in the most roundabout way). I am living my best life, and it has taken me a lot of organization, willpower, and discipline to get here. It’s finding out what works and what doesn’t. Lists work for me. They set my intent. They keep me focused. And they allow dopamine to spurt each time I check one off. And we all love that.

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