My Name is Joshua.

Hello all. My name Joshua. Some of you know me already. This being the internet, however, I want to give a reintroduction to exactly who I am. If you do already know me, I’ve changed a lot in the last six months and this will be a new look at the guy you know. If you are in my immediate friend group, you probably know this. Meet the new Josh!!

Let’s start with the stats. I’m 32. I live in Bayonne but work as a bartender in Jersey City. This is my fourth job since moving in NJ in 2012. I am a vegetarian. I work out daily, and promote positive thinking. I weigh 151 and am 5’11” but tell people I’m 6’. I am constantly on the move going to events, working, or just hanging with with my friends.

I started this blog back in November to try to find the excellence in my own life. Right after I started this blog, I began to form a close friendship with several individuals that began to put me where I’m at today. We’ve added to the group since then, but we’ve just gotten closer as the days go on. The blog has waxed and waned in the past few months as I started a couple other things in my life. I’m trying to get at least a couple posts out a week showing the changes as I go. It’s still going, and I’m glad. I always wanted to be a blogger, and here I am.

I like superhero stuff. I am a huge nerd. I watch Doctor Who pretty regularly. I catch the superhero movies when I can. I read comic books constantly and absolutely love X-Men. My neediness is so apparent I have Doctor Who quotes on my arm, a Wonder Girl/Phoenix tattoo on my leg, a Targaryen/Stark tattoo on my upper arm, and a Star Wars tattoo on the back of my arm. I love my nerd stuff and my want to be a superhero was what led me here.

One thing you also need to know about me is I have little time to do anything outside of work. I go to a variety of queer themed events throughout the city. I luckily get to work with my friends on a variety of things so even if we’re just hanging out work ends up happening. It’s an incredibly busy life with writing and working and working, but I make due. I like being busy, but I doesn’t leave a lot of time for things outside of work, including relaxing.

I am single. This is not a grab for a boyfriend. Quite the opposite. I have a lot of evolving to do before I am ready to settle down with anyone. I’ve done the sleeping around thing. I’m not opposed to it. If it happens, it happens, but for the most part, I need to get myself figured out. So much has changed so quickly that it means re-adjusting the future and building the proper foundation. When and if I start dating again, I want to bring something to the table instead of just wanting a relationship. Maybe someday, but now I am focusing on me.

I love to write. I spend my days literally writing blog posts and editing my novel. I have been working on this novel on-and-off again for over a decade and a half. It’s finally heading towards completion. I just have to focus on it. I also write for this blog, obviously, and also a new queer culture blog for Jersey City. I love writing and have begun to transition into doing this full-time.

I’m a very spiritual person. This is a fairly new thing for me. I began to see connections between the things I read, and that has eventually led me on my current journey. I can’t put exact words to it, but I’m learning more about myself and the world every day. It’s a beautiful, happy, and optimistic place if you look for it. I’m glad to have the people around me I do. It’s only getting better.

Well, that is me in a nutshell. I’m changing everyday, but these are kind of the constants for the last few months. I’ll do another one of these within the next few months, or maybe write about the future version of me that I will someday be. Who knows. I’m just writing to write. It’s what I do. It’s what I love. It’s who I am.

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