Future Me

I keep thinking a lot about where I am at currently. Why? It’s probably because in the last six months so much in my life has changed. My friends here have seen the change happen on a daily basis. However, the people who know me back in South Dakota seem to see this as a very swift change, much like the other unpredictable things I’ve done in the past. That is far from the reality of what happened. This slow change has manipulated my future. I have begun to see the future reiteration of myself.

A Day in the Life of (Future) Joshua T. Bell.

I live in a studio apartment in Jersey City. I joked when I was searching for the apartment that I was getting a four story walk-up, I stumbled into a two. It was a second floor that overlooked the street. When I first moved in, the apartment was nearly empty. I had boxes for several weeks filled with all the books that I owned. Very slowly, the apartment began to take shape as I bought new things. I bought a bed, shelves, and couches. I added some plants and paintings. My friends helped me decorate to give it an adult, yet very Josh feel. My cat, River, hates everything, but she’s a cat. She will always hate everything.

The biggest change is the corner closest to the wall. I have a wooden desk with my MacBook sitting on it. I have papers in front of it and a copy of my first novel, my roommates two novels, and my best friends cookbook all sitting between two book ends. I have a calendar on the wall marked up with a bunch of events and dates. Each day seems it’s as busy, but with queer events, a writing seminar, and a local interview, I am doing great.

My look has evolved. I tend to keep a beard with my head mostly shaved. My body has kept the same shape, which daily exercise and just not eating crappy food will do. The clothes have moved a bit upscale. Almost all of the graphic tees have vanished from my wardrobe to be replaced by button-ups or casual, yet fashionable, tee shirts. I have a few jean cut-offs, but a lot more shorts that I actually bought as shorts. The colors of my wardrobe range from reds to blues, to purples, and greens. I stay away from a lot of yellows and oranges. Baseball caps are still a staple. The biggest change is the five different suits I own and wear regularly to events. They sit neatly in my closet waiting for the next event.

My days are filled with different types of work. I send out e-mails, make phone calls, and post daily social media posts in the morning. I do lunch. I spend the early afternoon writing and editing. I then have events to take care of in the evening for the blog. The best part is I’m not the only person working on the blog. I make phone calls and hire people out to cover events.

I spend a lot more time focused on the editing side of things, planning events, and writing my own work. I have ideas for novels, comics, stories, and movies that just cannot get released from my thoughts until their own the page. So, I spend my time putting them out there. I have blog posts to edit so they can be posted on time. I record the podcasts that go out every few days with my friend. It’s a fun time, even though it’s very much work. It’s the life that I want to live.

The day ends with catching up on reading. Realistically, I will be reading the same kinds of novels that I currently read. I am not going to stop reading comics, but I tend to keep to the older stuff. Only select modern stories catch my interest.

Spiritually, I am moving forward. I meditate in the mornings before I do fifteen minutes of writing. I practice guitar daily to keep myself centered. I journal daily and make notes of all the little stories that led me to where I am. The other side is the exercise that I do daily. I keep my body, mind, and spirit healthy and clean. I keep my optimistic and hopeful tone, because my life goes great.

My life is going great. And my future looks bright. I can’t wait for them to meet.

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