An Adventure Story

Life is such an adventure. Even the moments when I’m not rushing from one place to another uniquely feels like it will catapult me somewhere forward into the future. Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time sitting on a couch, and in all honesty, it gave me a calm before the storm vibe of my life. The rain is about to poor, and I need to make sure I’ve tarred this boat to keep the water out.

I have always wanted an adventurous life. I wanted to be a companion of the Doctor. I wanted to travel to alien worlds and see orange skies with silver clouds. I wanted to see the Coliseum when it was new. I wanted to meet political figures and stand side-by-side with stars. I have sort of got all that without the Doctor.

I traveled all over Europe a couple years ago, and have spent my life traveling across the country with my family and friends. I saw the Coliseum. It was definitely not new, but the age gave it a gravitas that no other structure has. I have met political figures with my work and stand side-by-side with stars while out living my life. This is the adventure I always wanted.

The things happening all around me feels like a lot. I am planning events. I’m building a business. I’m working full time. I’m curating art shows. I’m trying to finish my novel. All of it is sitting on my chest, and the old me would have been ignoring things or just not on top of things. Hell, it’s not easy for current me to be on top of everything, but I am making do. Each day, I learn more, I get better, and I organize a bit more.

Today, I need to be boning up my social media presence. I need to read through more of my novel and make edits. I have a couple meetings with my friends, a dinner with my friends, and to get some rest for a semi-long weekend. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but things will come up. (If I’m lucky, I’ll get my guitar strung today so that I can start practicing again).

Every day is something new to explore. I never exactly know where I am going to be at the end of the day or what kind of people I am going to meet on the way. It’s an exciting life, but excitement can wear you down. Yesterday, I was absolutely exhausted. It was not tired in need of sleep but it was just needed to not actually do anything. I ended up reading a comic and then writing some stuff on a forum. I kept it low key for a couple hours before I started running again.

Today is a day of running right into the weekend. I have things to be working on all dat from my novel to getting event days set up on Instagram. I need to work out after eating way too much yesterday. I am on track for an adventurous future. It just takes keeping on track and an awful lot of running. I love it all.

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