Creating a Character

My friend and I just had a professional level meeting and I misspoke. It was not bad, the meeting went well overall, but in the end, I made a professional faux pas. I knew better, but words tend to split out in a spat when I’m not focused. This is a problem he tells me a lot. I am not focused, unbalanced. It’s something I definitely need to work on. His suggestion was simple. Create a character.

Back in High School and college, I used to act. I wanted to play some role that inspired people, and after years of not actually putting the work in to be good at it, I gave it up and took to writing. Now, I’m back at it, but I’m coming at it in an incredibly different way. I’m not building this character from a script, but instead scripting a character out of the stitched together cloth that makes me up.

Who is the person who gets out of bed and why does he get out of bed that way? I always approached acting as trying to find the inspiration for an action. I put that beside what my friends say about stating your intent for the day when you wake up to create this part of my new character. I get up in the morning without my alarm. I take a few minutes to push the sleep from my mind. I go over my day and what I need to do. I sit up and take a few minutes to meditate. Finally, I write yesterday in my journal. It sets me up for a good day. It’s balanced. It’s putting me in the right mind set to go to work, and get everything started.

Next on this characters agenda is the gym. This continues keeping the balance flowing in a health aspect. This has always been something to get the creative juices flowing. (I am writing this blog as I exercise on an elliptical). This will put me in the right place to actually get started with the business of my day.

People have two identities. They have a personal identity and a professional one. No matter how many of each you have, these two are the basis of them. They blend together in some aspects or you have different personal identities depending on closeness. Maybe, you have different professional identities based on differing jobs. Regardless, you have at least these two when working in a social private and public context. I am now establishing a better professional character. Heck, that’s where this all started. I want to look at the professional part and build a lifestyle that not only fits that part of my new character but helps it grow.

Establish a discipline demeanor. I am taking this two fold. I need to do this both in terms of a professional character as well as a work mentality. My professional character plays into both of these. Discipline is important. I need to set up the right systems to help me flourish and not get lost in the idea of things being too much or too big. I have to be breaking things down into small daily tasks to be done. I also need to push myself and not rely on others for me to get things done. This all comes with set-up and just defining it as a profession. This is my job not a pastime.

The actual personality aspects of character are already forming. I need to learn more about speaking in public. This goes with actual public speaking but also low level meetings. I need to open my mouth with intent. (Sexy, right?). Every word I potentially speak can be looked at as a direct representation of me and the businesses that I represent. It’s like posting a crappy photo on Facebook. I can delete it, but it was still there and it’s recorded. That’s a tough change to realize but one I have to make going forward.

I spoke a bit yesterday of this future version of me. And this character is part of that. I’m not creating something new. Instead, I am creating the version of me that I want the world to see. This is the me that the world will experience and will judge. And everything I do should be in league with my business which at the end of the day is me. Let’s sell him, let’s build him up, and let’s show the world how far I can go from being the naive SD kid to the NYC professional.

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