Leaving Starbucks Behind

I need to give up Starbucks coffee. Back in January, I mentioned the need to give things up to move forward. It’s like tossing a bag to the side so you can run unencumbered. Now is the time for me to do it again, and that thing has to be my daily Starbucks Trenta iced coffee with two blonde espresso shots soy milk coupled with a blueberry yogurt muffin.

Since the 18th of June, I have spent 80 dollars at this establishment. That is 10 dollars a day. That’s about $3,650 a year. That is four months rent at my current apartment. And I specifically bring that up, because that is why I need to be saving. I want to move into a new, more expensive apartment in Jersey City.

I have already thought about the how, and it’s not hard or complicated. It does, however, mean changing my schedule to a large degree. This week, I need to pay my rent which leaves me little extra spending money. A week from today, however, I will be able to buy a coffee pot and perhaps an espresso machine. These two things together with soy milk will make what I need to get through my day. As I said before however, it means getting up earlier or manipulating my schedule to fit with having to make coffee.

Right now, my morning starts with putting in contacts, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed. I have already decided to add two things to that which would keep me in my apartment for at least 20 more minutes which is perfect for coffee making time. I plan on adding five minutes of meditation in the morning and fifteen minutes of writing. It would make sense between the two to actually start the coffee then. That leaves me more centered and prepared before caffeinating myself fully for my day.

It’s not going to save me exactly $3,650 because I’m still paying for coffee, which I will probably still get from Starbucks itself. I also will need to find something new and probably healthier to eat instead of just a carb filled delicious calorie filled blueberry awesomeness. However, I think going out and buying breakfast once a week won’t be a problem. I just need to figure out meals that I can eat on the run. I’m already slowing getting out of the house down by making coffee. I don’t want to slow things down further by needing to cook each morning.

So, I’m giving up buying so much Starbucks after the 2nd of July. That’s what this all comes down too. This will change things for me financially, and I can continue to build the life I want to grow and flourish. And it starts by leaving something else behind.

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