Charmaine Houck – Advocate of Adventure – Charmaine Houck has been my friend for almost a decade. She explores the world and uses her experiences to help her help others. She works as an editor in South Dakota, but travels throughout the Midwest and beyond to find her adventures.

Nerd Fitness – Nerd Fitness, started by Steve Kamb, is a wonderful reference for nerds who are just looking to level up their life. The blog gives a lot of insights into health and fitness as well as helping you succeed in your life.

Thinking In Full Color – Summer Dawn Reyes and Thinking in Full Color promote empowered woman of color through monologues and discussion. The cast has a yearly show within downtown Jersey City, but move across the East Coast giving smaller performance and discussions to enhance awareness and tell stories about their lives as women of color in America and beyond.

Big Finish Productions – Big Finish Productions creates masterful full-cast audio dramas. Torchwood, UNIT, Doctor Who, Pathfinder, Sherlock Holmes, and many more productions can be found to buy and download at their website. When you have to wait for new Doctor Who episodes, it can be your go-to source for new stories of old Doctors.

Unsung Heroes – DPeacock Film’s Unsung Heroes shows how bad superheroes can be. This funny take on the superhero genre will leave you laughing. The first season can be found here on their YouTube site, while the second season will be coming soon for your viewing pleasure.